June 21, 2011 - 'Digital Kiss' Electronic Dance Single Released by Artist Blare LeVoir




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'Digital Kiss' Electronic Dance Single Released by Artist Blare LeVoir
--- Cosmic Pop Meets Social Media 

DALLAS, Jun. 21, 2011/PR Newswire/ -- Pop music artist, singer, songwriter and dancer Blare LeVoir released his most innovative new single today, "Digital Kiss." With a futuristic edge, and unique social media slant, "Digital Kiss" is infused with a high-energy electronic pop sound.

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"'Digital Kiss' takes what's hot in pop music today and kicks it up a notch -- charging it with a sonic beat and a mix of synthesizers for a futuristic sound," LeVoir shared. "I expect to get people to dance and to want more."

"Digital Kiss" is written by both Blare LeVoir and visionary music producer BittenRude, who also produced the song.

With a significant and growing fan base in just over a year, LeVoir is an example of how social media and the Internet are changing the face of music. That "Digital Kiss" touches on a social media topic seems only natural. LeVoir has garnered more than one and a half million YouTube views, seven million MySpace views and has scaled such top social media sites as ReverbNation (24K fans), Twitter (18K followers) and Facebook. LeVoir hopes that social media will make the same impact on his new single.

"Digital Kiss" is available for download on iTunes and Amazon. LeVoir's previous singles, "Happy Mistake," "First of May," and "Gone," and his other video music performances can be viewed on the Net:

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About Blare LeVoir

Blare LeVoir was born in Caracas, Venezuela on April 2, 1991, and raised in Texas. At age 11, LeVoir joined the entertainment group The Casa Kids. Desiring to further pursue entertainment, LeVoir ventured into acting, dancing and modeling and was quickly noticed -- adding dozens of commercial credits to his resume, including backup dancer in a Disney short. Awarded two consecutive scholarships to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, LeVoir was able to further incorporate aspects of dance and choreography into his music repertoire. His professional musical influences range from Justin Timberlake to Gwen Stefani.  

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